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ARC Dampers, India’s first indigenous Specialised Industrial Shock Absorber manufacturer. Working in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology IIT MANDI. Team ARC has more than 10+ years of experience in the Industrial damping technology. ARC design, develop and manufacture perfectly engineered energy absorption solution and services for the Industrial Automation, Aerospace, Defence, Marine and Rail markets.With strong ability to design, develop, manufacture and implement customized shock absorbers we partnership with our vast global sector of industries, ARC continues to strengthen its presence within marketplace. We pride ourselves in providing uniquely designed, high quality, long life damping solution to our customers in order to improve machine efficiency and protect aftermarket improper replacements that can harm machine characteristics. With a team of professionals in engineering, flexible manufacturing and marketing our employees provide our customers the very best in service.


“A shock absorber is a device which produces a dissipative (non-recoverable) force over a given displacement to absorb energy and remove it from a system. Includes a reset or restoring means to reposition it after it has absorbed energy, the reset means being such that its resetting energy is much smaller than the absorption capacity of the device.” The advent of high speed equipment and machinery has brought with it numerous problems associated with slowing and stopping masses of various forms. The hydraulic shock absorber has proven itself to be one of the most efficient means of solving these problems.

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