Cement manufacturing is a complex process that begins with mining grinding raw materials which is then heated up to a very high temperature as 1450°C. These processes are machine oriented and are very risky. Even a slightest extra motion or vibration can lead to a dangerous situation. So , they all are equipped with safety shock absorbers which completely absorbs the recoil and prevents some extra motion. Generally, in most cement industry the cement is carried in a railway track or by cable trolley system. Even these transportation system uses industrial dampers to prevent any bounce back or vibration in them. Moreover, the industrial shock absorbers used here are made up of material which are dust resistant or protected i.e. they itself have a long lifespan, and gives the same to the machineries in which they are used. They are placed at the end of the trip so the inertia force due to end brake or stoppage is completely dissolved and there is no recoil. ARC dampers specializes in manufacturing such industrial shock absorbers and have a wide range of products with adjustable and non adjustable feature in them which helps the costumer to use the damper accordingly.

Order Max Energy Effective Weight Return Force Rest Time Weigth
Code E3 (Nm) E3 (Nm/hr) Wemin (Kg) Wemax (Kg) (N)) (S) (Kg)

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