The main function of the dampers is to absorb the vibrations and motion caused by some external effect or by some after effect of any activity. Similarly, the ARC’s range of products of Electric damper is specially engineered and developed in a way to absorb the vibrations caused by the wires carrying high voltage of current due to wind. These electric dampers or motion absorbers are placed very near to insulator in the transmission line or the electric pole as high current carrying conductors i.e. wires, experience deflection in their original position which can damage the insulator which is very costly. For electric damping, ARC Dampers manufactures stock bridge dampers and spiral dampers both having a common aim of restricting the vibrations or motion produced.

Code Stroke Energy/stroke Energy/hr Equivalent Mass
mm Nm Nm/hr Me(Kg)
ARC3010 10 90 100000 201
ARC3012 12 65 54000 143
ARC3610 10 60 54000 260
ARC3613 13 78 70200 270
ARC3615 15 84 75600 400
ARC4010 10 210 126600 1680
ARC4212 12 252 151600 143
ARC4213 13 155 186000 1240

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