The glass industry generally manufactures bottle. It can be transparent or opaque depending totally upon the composition. It is a very fast paced process and around 20,000 are produced in every minute. Thus, due to such high speed operations performed by the machines manufacturing glass bottles experience high vibrations which gets started by some external disturbance . If these external force or vibrations are not controlled it can effect the working, efficiency and the life span of the machines. So, in order to protect our machines from such adversity we use dampers or shock absorbers, whose main function is to completely or partially absorb the vibrations produced or experienced. In order to do so, the dampers or the shock absorbers provide an obstacle or a resistance to the vibratory motion. Some features of glass industry shock absorbers:- Impacts:- Glass bottle manufacturing shock absorbers generally have more than 25 million impact i.e more than 2.5 crore impact. Material of the body:- Since, the process of production of bottle is so high paced that the vibrations are experienced at a very high frequency and is very hot. Thus, damper can result into thermal failure. So, in order to prevent this, shock absorbers or dampers body for glass bottle manufacturing are generally made up of Aluminium. Alloys made up of aluminium are most commonly used heat sink materials. Aluminium has this special property by which it cools faster than any other material when removed from the heat source object. Spring return for fast reset:- So, basically these shock absorbers have a spring system which helps to quickly attain the original position of the shock absorber. In Production and vibrations:- When shock absorbers are attached to the machines it increases the rate of production and decreases the vibrations or external disturbances, which ultimately results in more efficient outcome In opening and closing of moulds:- The one of the crucial stage in the production of bottle manufacturing is moulding. In this method, the design of the bottle is created i.e moulded. Since, the production is high in count therefore this process has to be repeated many times in order to satisfy the demand. Therefore, shock absorbers are also used here so that the opening and closing of the moulds can be done quickly and safely. In controlling the timing of the opening and closing of moulds. Basically, the industrial shock absorbers are involved in each step of production of glass bottle and prevents unwanted vibrations and motion

Order Max Energy Effective Weight Return Force Rest Time Weigth
Code E3 (Nm) E3 (Nm/hr) Wemin (Kg) Wemax (Kg) (N)) (S) (Kg)

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