Industrial shock absorbers are actively used in medical field. Some of it’s applications are in medicine manufacturing and and handling equipments. Other than that there are also many application in Lab testing equipments, Xrays, solarium etc. In capsule production:- Production of capsule is very high paced and therefore its machines are installed with the industrial shock absorbers to provide perfect damping. Thus, protecting it from unwanted vibration or motion. Dampers also helps in maintaining the time of action of the machine. Industrial shock absorbers acts as a end stopper or motion controllers. ARC Dampers provides industrial shock absorbers manufactured specially for medical field. They are made up of stainless steel and have food graded oil and seals in them.

Order Max Energy Effective Weight Return Force Rest Time Weigth
Code E3 (Nm) E3 (Nm/hr) Wemin (Kg) Wemax (Kg) (N)) (S) (Kg)

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