New generation Smart industrial shock absorbers which can automatically adjust its damping characteristics as per the load parameters, give real-time feedback information to machine controller, its working conditions and generate warning alarms in case of preventive maintenance or failure. It will be commercially available soon.Industrial shock absorbers are hydraulic components that reliably decelerate moving masses. This allows machines to work faster and reduce maintenance costs. Industrial shocks work by restricting oil flow through a series of throttle holes. When the piston rod is pushed into the cylinder, oil is displaced through the throttle holes, which are progressively closed. As a result, the speed gradually decreases as the shock absorber is compressed and prevents serious damage to machine.

So far, all industrial shock absorbers available on the market worldwide are basically a self-contained mechanical unit that is totally unable to communicate with the machine control. Only way to check if the shock is still working is the manual examination. Failure of such a shock absorber during production could be damaging to the machine and would result in significant cost increases for the user. We are developing smart new generation industrial shock absorbers that automatically adjust their damping characteristics according to the load parameters, provide real-time feedback information to the machine control and generate a warning in the event of a fault. Our product will act as a damping unit of all kinds of mechanical motions. For example: End damping of pneumatic axis, Emergency stoppers for servo axis, lifts, press machines. Safety application in defence like tanks barrel damper or machine gun recoil damper. Can also work as a damper in space and sub sea application.