Series small shock absorbers are versatile maintenance free, long life hydraulic components. These specially designed shock absorbers are easily changeable and can work in almost every kind of industrial application with effective weight varying from 1Kg to 4000Kgs by selecting proper model.All models have integral positive stop to ensure a proper positioning.

ARC VIRAM Series shock absorbers can be specially designed to control velocity low as 0.1m/s up to 6m/s. Internal orifice design provides deceleration with the most efficient damping characteristics, resulting in the lowest reaction forces in the industry.

ARC VIRAM Series shock absorbers are available in both Self Adjusting and Adjustable series. On models VA25 up to VA100, shock absorption characteristic can be adjusted by turning screw at rear. After installation, cycle the machine a few times and turn the adjustment system until optimum deceleration is achieved (i.e. smooth deceleration throughout stroke).

With a huge range of outer threading and thick shaft, ARC VIRAM Series shock absorbers avoid the use of multiple accessories.

Features and Benefits